For advertisers
  • See the offers
  • Add demand
  • Simply and clearly
  • Quality and professional
  • Do not pay for clicks
  • Do not pay for impression
  • You pay monthly fee
  • You choose the place of your ad
  • Use action packets
  • Everything under your control
  • Help here
Effectiveness of advertising space
For publishers
  • See demands
  • Add offer
  • Simple web monetization
  • Choose a number of positions offered
  • You get a monthly fee
  • Choose the location and appearance of links
  • Choose the number of links
  • Your site is automatically controlled
  • Affiliate 40% of net
  • Everything under your control
  • Help here
What is mLink?
  • mLink is a new advertising system for sale of advertising space on which advertisers buy ads. mLink has three types of advertising space: bar, block ads and banners (banners only for international users). Each ad is active for 30 days or more.
Benefits of mLink
  • You choose where you advertise for a fixed monthly price
  • Simple and transparent system for Ads
  • Help or live support helps you
  • Check now site pageranks
Examples of advertising space


Banner Ad
  • We support 9 formats of banners, GIF a SWF (flash)
  • most effective form of advertising

The latest advertising spaceCategoryPRSRPriceDetail
Banner Obrázky srdíček Others 0 0 2 € Detail
Banner Vodní pták Sport 0 0 2 € Detail
Banner Můj hledáček PC and web 0 0 0.8 € Detail
Banner Samsung SGH-D600e Science and technology 0 0 0.4 € Detail
Banner prachyznetu Others 0 0 3.2 € Detail
Banner W4M Others 0 0 16 € Detail
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Why pay for clicks or have your ad impressions. In mLink pay a fixed amount of time to display targeted ad text and a link to your chosen site - 30 days or more. Our professional system to track information on the active advertising space in real time. Placing back links to quality sites and get your site a higher PageRank over time, thus higher placement in search engines such as Google or List. Today is the "building back links. linkbuilding part of SEO (search engine optimization), the subsequent placement in search engines and PageRank size of one of the most important aspects of growing traffic ...

» mLink is the advertising system of a new generation