Advertiser FAQ

How do I register in the system
Simply fill in the necessary information to the site for registration . To the specified e-mail you will receive an activation code that then the instructions in the email to activate your account and you can log on.

I have already registered, how do I login?
Simply write your name and password entered during registration form at login page.

What is mLink? is a system for selling advertising space on which advertisers buy backlinks. Each link is active for 30 days or more.

Can I edit my data?
Yes, just look in the My Profile section.

How do I withdraw money in my wallet
You may request payment of the amount of min 40 EUR to the PayPal payment.

How to add funds into my wallet
In the Cashier section you can find information what payment methods can be used to recharge the money.

I Can not find the answer to what I'm looking for.
Contact support or write to mLink forum.

What is the cost of advertisement?
Publishers set their own price they want to recieve for the advertisement.

Where can i see payments history?
All transactions are saved into the Cashier history.

Where can I find the rules of
For terms and conditions click here.

What types of advertisement do you offer?
For international users, there is a banner advertisement only at this time.

I want to promote my website and get backlinks. How do I start?
Start with registration to system Then enter the promotional campaign and buy a link on selected site for 30 days or more.

How do I add an ad?
Just the user section click on the option Add advert and fill the necessary information. Advertising campaign will be then checked by the administrator. Once activated, you can buy at the offered advertising blocks.

How to buy a back link?
First, it is necessary to enter into the campaign Add advert. Then, in section catalog of blocks locate the page where your link you want to be displayed. In the right part for a specific offer advertising space to select which of your ads you want to buy and enter the number of months - a period during which the ad will link to the block display. Click to buy, check the purchase order and complete in the next step.

How do I pay advertisement?
You add the funds in the Cashier section, payment make thought PayPal.

Can i see somewhere, how many clicks did my advertisement recieve?
Yes, in the section My advert campaign for each ad to see which site is advertised and how many times it was clicked on.

How do I find pagerank history of sites where I advertise?
At every detail of certaion block, you can see the pagerank history in a chart for last 6 months.

I want to advertise cheaply, what should I do?
You can use our special packages currently offered at a discount of up to 20%.(for bar links only)

I did not found a site for my needs, I can specify the demand?
Yes, in the section Demand sites on the main page you can enter a new demand for the site to better meet your needs.

How do I add a banner?
In the section My adverts for the selected campaign click on the banner * (with gold star). You can then upload the banner to your size 100 KB and wait for its approval.

I cannot create banners, you help me?
Yes, we can create a banner ad based on your ideas. The price of this service, contact support through the Web.

Does the banner affect the amount of the PageRank?

Can I set up an automatic extension of my campaign?
Yes, always at 1 month over the choice of history in the campaign summary, despite the icon for the repeat.