Publisher FAQ

How do I register in the system
Simply fill in the necessary information to the site for registration . To the specified e-mail you will receive an activation code that then the instructions in the email to activate your account and you can log on.

I have already registered, how do I login?
Simply write your name and password entered during registration form at login page.

What is mLink? is a system for selling advertising space on which advertisers buy backlinks. Each link is active for 30 days or more.

Can I edit my data?
Yes, just look in the My Profile section.

How do I withdraw money in my wallet
You may request payment of the amount of min 40 EUR to the PayPal payment.

How to add funds into my wallet
In the Cashier section you can find information what payment methods can be used to recharge the money.

I Can not find the answer to what I'm looking for.
Contact support or write to mLink forum.

What is the cost of advertisement?
Publishers set their own price they want to recieve for the advertisement.

Where can i see payments history?
All transactions are saved into the Cashier history.

Where can I find the rules of
For terms and conditions click here.

What types of advertisement do you offer?
For international users, there is a banner advertisement only at this time.

I want to make money. What should I do?
First, add a page where you offer a place to see the back links. Then add the ad space that the page you want to offer on one page, you can have more advertising space. Insert the generated PHP code into your page. Then just wait for the advertiser buys a link at your block.

What is ad block?
It's a place on your site, which will show links of advertisers bought on

How do I add my page to system?
Once logged on user panel, select Add site. Simply fill in the necessary information, the site administrator will checked it.

How do I add ad space?
Once logged on user panel, select Add block. Simply fill in the necessary details such as size and font color, link, location advertising space on the page, etc.

Where can I see a list of my sites?
Once logged on user panel, locate the My Pages option.

How do I edit or delete my page?
Once logged on user panel, locate the My Pages option. You can delete this page if it contains no active advertising. Editing is not possible, for small adjustments you can contact support.

Where can I see a list of my ad blocks?
All active areas are shown in the catalog. Your ad space you can find at My blocks section.

How do I edit or delete my ad space?
Once logged on user panel, find My Blocks section. You can delete the ad space when no active campaign. You can edit some properties of ad space. For advanced editing, you can contact support.

How do I get money from sold links?
After the expiry of the subscription period the amount will be automatically credited to your wallet

How do I determine how many links are sold on my block?
In My blocks section for each area you can see what the current ad campaign is running.

How do I know how much money I will recieve after the end of the advertising campaign?
In Cashier you see section Waiting for payments running ads.

Can I delete the ad space when it runs on advertising?
No. Termination of advertising with active advertising campaigns must report at least 30 days in advance. Otherwise you lose the claim for payment of sold links.

How do I activate the advertising space?
In My blocks section, select the ad space with option View PHP code. Insert code into your page where to show advertisement. If you have any problems with adding code Please contact or write to us at forum where we deal with such things.

Where can I find out how many days left until the end of my Ad Campaign advertising area?
For every ad space in the administration of your account this information.

What does the error, curl?
This is the error of communication problem between our and your server. Your server maybe does not support this function.

I have sites in HTML, can I insert a page of code?
Yes. Look at the
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